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redzed - Thu Oct 10, 2013 19:56
Post subject: Cheese mushroom brats
I am looking at making some mushroom and cheese bratwurst for the first time. There are a great number of commercial producers out there that use swiss cheese in the mix but I want to use cheddar, as I have had a pound of the high heat stuff taking up space in my fridge for a while. Anyone use the cheddar cheese mushroom combination in brats? Will it work?
sawhorseray - Thu Oct 10, 2013 20:05

I've never tried it but it sounds like a wonderful combo. I know my wife likes it when I make her a Swiss / mushroom omelet, I prefer cheddar. As popular as the Swiss cheese / mushroom combo is at many burger places, I think I'd still go with the cheddar in my sausage, Swiss just seems kind of funky to me at times. RAY
redzed - Thu Oct 24, 2013 05:35

Based on bratwurst that I made before, I finally got around to making the mushroom and cheddar brats. For the mushrooms I used chanterelles that had been dry sauteed and the water removed. For the cheese I used the high temp cheddar from B & P.

The sausage is a bit bland, but served with sauerkraut and pickled beets, it comes to life. I ground the chanterelles with the meat and they don't really make a show in the sausage. Next time I'm going to raise the mushroom flavour and appearance by adding mushroom powder and mixing larger chunks of chanterelles.

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