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by H_Nutczak
Wed Nov 23, 2011 17:59
Forum: Hardware
Topic: My favorite stuffer
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Could you please contact the maker of this stuffer for me? I am interested in purchasing one of his stuffers.

The best way to reach me a is at badbonesBBQ "AT"

thank you
by H_Nutczak
Mon May 09, 2011 21:06
Forum: Sausages
Topic: [USA] Swiss Landjager Sausage (2 types)
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Thanks for the info CW, I have seen Fermento in several recipes and was wondering if it was organic or a chemical short cut. It will help to make the jump in to fermented sausages a little less intimidating :lol: I just noticed I have another sausage and moved up to "user"! Fermento is st...
by H_Nutczak
Mon Feb 28, 2011 17:47
Forum: BBQ
Topic: Some people just can't be taught to do anything...
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Here in Wisconsin no one wants to help you learn how to make good BBQ. It is all a secret. I love my ribs with just a good dry rub no sauce. CrankyBuzzard your neighbor does not know what he is missing. You know what I would give to have someone from Texas and with your experience give me tips on B...
by H_Nutczak
Tue Feb 15, 2011 22:55
Forum: BBQ
Topic: Recipe for Texas Smokey Links
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I might need to give that one a try, When I do texas Hot-links, I typically use 85% beef, and about 15% pork belly. I also let the meat sit for 24 hours after adding the cure and stuffing so it has a chance to work its magic. The cumin, cloves, and allspice have got me a bit concerned though. did it...
by H_Nutczak
Tue Feb 15, 2011 22:50
Forum: Sausages
Topic: [USA] Classic Italian sauage
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[USA] Classic Italian sauage

I have been craving Spaghetti with Italian sausage patties since I woke up this morning (late morning actually since the restaurant is closed today) So I went in to the restaurant, and threw together a 7# batch of sausage without following any recipe. I did it from scratch but measured my ingredient...
by H_Nutczak
Thu Jan 27, 2011 07:34
Forum: Sausages
Topic: How do I make summer sausage firmer?
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Black river, What do you think caused your texture issue? Did you think heated it up it too quickly? My smoking schedule for summer sausage is to start at 100 degrees, vents open 100% and leave it at that temp. for at least 4 hours, then I raise my temp's 10 degrees at a time adding smoke, and closi...
by H_Nutczak
Tue Jan 25, 2011 08:12
Forum: Other products
Topic: Jerky And Biltong
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Chuckwagon, what concerns me about your recipes is that they have no active curing ingredient such as "Sodium Nitrite" I advocate that if any meat is going to get smoked or dehydrated at temperatures between 40-140, that a cure be used to help combat harmful bacterial growth. A smoker is a perfect e...
by H_Nutczak
Sun Jan 02, 2011 17:48
Forum: Hyde Park
Topic: Hi New Guys - Introduce Yourself
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Hi All, So, Whats cooking? I am at the restaurant getting our Pulled Pork,Beef Brisket, and Spare-ribs cooked for today's crowd, Then I plan on making some bratwurst and Italian sausage this afternoon for our dinner tomorrow when the restaurant is closed. And I have 2 pork bellies that are going to ...