[USA] Spareribs and Sauerkraut McIntosh

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[USA] Spareribs and Sauerkraut McIntosh

Post by DLFL » Sun Apr 15, 2012 16:52

Spareribs and Sauerkraut McIntosh

I will be making this again!

One slab of spareribs cured or not
3 lbs sauerkraut
1 Tbs Sugar
enough McIntosh apples to slice and cover the kraut (I did not peel them)
salt and pepper to taste

1. If ribs are not cured then salt and pepper the slab. Cut ribs so they will fit into a large baking dish.
2. Cover the ribs with the sauerkraut.
3. Sprinkle the kraut with the sugar.
4. Place the apple slices over the kraut.
5. Cover with lid or aluminum foil.
6. Bake at 350 for 1 1/2 hours or the ribs are tender.

The apples breakdown leaving a great taste through the sauerkraut and in the sauce.
If you would like pieces of apple left, use Granny Smith or other baking apple variety.

Season to taste with salt and pepper. I used the first 2 lb batch of sauerkraut I made and could of used another lb.
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Post by uwanna61 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 00:51

I have had this in Germany many years ago and your right, it`s definitely a keepr!

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Post by Chuckwagon » Mon Apr 16, 2012 05:40

That's the kind of recipe that could make a grown man cry! :mrgreen: Nice going Dick. I'm making it for dinner Monday night. Thanks for sharing!

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Post by nuynai » Mon Apr 16, 2012 14:15

I make something similar, only add some diced onions to it. Thanks.
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