Krupnik - The National Drink Of Poland

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Post by sawhorseray » Wed Sep 25, 2013 18:39

nuynai wrote:Anybody try putting the bottle in the freezer. Leave it in and when you pour it, it comes out like corn syrup. Plus the glass gets frost on the outside and the vodka's taste isn't changed by melted ice.
I used to do that with bottles of Tanqueray until about eight month back when I decided to give up gin after thirty years, the 94 proof seemed to be getting to be more than I could handle without losing my marbles a bit.

Wow, more than twice the price up there, I'd be going broke! Right next to the Kirkland for $22.95 was the 1.75 litre bottles of Grey Goose for twice the price, $45.95 each. When we talk of moving to Oregon we do it with the understanding that I'll have to drive back down to California from time to time to stock up on booze, taxes on liquor are much higher. RAY
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Post by nuynai » Wed Sep 25, 2013 18:49

I'm with you Saw. Also at 61, just can't do it any more. Most of the Krupnik goes to the kids at hunting camp, after I get their keys.
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Post by vstyn » Wed Feb 05, 2014 03:07

I looking to make Rock and Rye. Does anyone have a good recipe.
I need to learn dry sausage
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Post by jbk101 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 04:17

Here's a shot of 4 flavored Vodka's I made last fall from fruit from my yard

From Left to Right - Apple - Pear - Peach and Plum
I been nursing from them since about Christmas and adding more Vodka back in after I pour off a drink from them :o
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Post by Chuckwagon » Wed Feb 05, 2014 07:30

Vstan wrote:
I looking to make Rock and Rye. Does anyone have a good recipe.
Check out Stan Marianski's publication "Home Production Of Vodkas, Infusions, & Liqueurs". He discusses rye on page 117. The book is to vodka and spirits what his book "Home Production Of Quality Meats And Sausages" is to the world of sausagemaking. I swear, the man is a trancendental genius! :roll: Check out all his books at Bookmagic at this link: . Stan has a few recipes for Krupnik in his book. Be sure to check them out as well. And if you want to see what Bookmagic is all about, click on this link:

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