Seeking Sumac Sausages (continued): Merguez

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Seeking Sumac Sausages (continued): Merguez

Post by el Ducko » Sun Jun 01, 2014 17:36

Merguez is a spicy lamb-based fresh sausage found in countries bordering the Mediterranean. As you might expect from its origins, it is Halal so pork is not used.

Here`s a recipe for merguez that I just put together. One of our daughters met a fellow student while on a semester abroad in Paris. They later fell in love, he proposed to her on a return trip to Paris, and they were married a short time later. Merguez sausage reminds them of Paris, which is why this is a Fathers` Day present.

I found the sumac in a Lebanese grocery store. It can also be used in an olive oil based dip for bread called zatar, which is delicious. I was out of the typical sheep casing, so I used 19 mm collagen for the casing, and cut the result into six-inch lengths. It does fine that way, and fits exactly cross-wise in freezer bags.

The usual instructions apply: Keep it cold, dissolve the salt in the water to get an even application, cube the meat (1"), mix meat with all salt and spices, let rest in the freezer for 15 minutes, then grind with medium plate. Chill. Mix more by hand to develop the bind, then dilute with a little water as needed. Chill. Stuff 19mm collagen casing or sheep casing. Cut into 6" lengths. Refrigerate and use within 3 days, or else vacuum pack and freeze, six sticks to the bag. Makes about 24 six-inch-long sausages.
  • grams - pct. - item
    17.0 1.50% salt (non-iodized)
    1 kg 88.04% Lamb
    89.0 7.84% water
    0.525 0.05% pepper (black)
    2.700 0.24% cayenne (ground)
    3.150 0.28% cumin (ground)
    11.025 0.97% paprika sweet
    5.000 0.44% garlic (fresh)
    5.175 0.46% sumac
    0.950 0.08% anise
    0.750 0.07% oregano
    0.525 0.05% quatre epics (2 white pepper:1 ginger:1 nutmeg:1 clove)
This is based on a recipe from "Home Sausage Making" by Peary & Reavis, p.99, with additional garlic and salt. You`ll like its spicy (but not overly spicy) kick. Great when pan-fried.
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