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Old Dinner Recipe

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 23:16
by Kijek
So I picked up a 14 lb slab of pork belly that my friends paid for. They love my apple pie spiced bacon so much they will pay for it.
So, got the slab of belly, cut off the skin and save for future use, and cut off the ribs, which is my bonus and they don't need to know.

Going to make with the ribs a recipe my mom used to make and haven't had in years.

I cook the ribs in with sauerkraut, then in the later part add barley, cook till meat is falling off the bone tender.
Then just serve it up with some fresh homemade mashed potatoes.

My fathers side was Polish and my moms was Czechoslovakian, so not sure which side this came from.
Anyone else know of this simple but flavorable dish and which side it came from?

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 03:58
by Devo
From any of the searches I have done on the subject it would seem it is a very popular dish in most European countries. Seems it would be a favorite for Germans at New Years also.
Thinking that your mom did most of the cooking it probably came from her side of the families recipe box :mrgreen:

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 04:34
by Kijek
I know I decided to search a little myself and yes most European countries have it, I was surprised to see that.
I have a feeling it may be more on my mothers side from Czechoslovakia.

Oh what I made tonight was so very similar to what I remember, I can't explain but I think I know what to do to make it like mama.

Just an old peasant recipe.

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 14:23
by nuynai
My Dad's been doing it since I can remember. Only thing is, we add carrots, onions, potatoes and celery. If you want to kick it up, smoke the rib than add it to the mixture. Another layer of flavor. Enjoy.

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 07:03
by redzed
Very popular dish in Poland with many variations. Just google Żeberka z kapustą i kaszą