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New Website! "All About Spirits" by Stan & Ada

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 22:09
by Chuckwagon
Here`s some great news for those of you who are "home distillers". Our buddy Stan Marianski has started a website about making spirits and it should solve a heck of a lot of problems for many of you. Also, you will be able to gather ideas and discuss options. The new website is called "All About Spirits". Stan has indicated that the photos will all be in color and perhaps best of all.... Stan wrote, "Of course, more material and recipes will be added."
Recipes! Materials! Are you excited yet? I certainly am. This is a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and gather information. Folks, this is privileged and prized information that you can pass down to the next generation. Let`s not lose it.
Congratulations and thanks again Stan, for sharing your expertise. I still want to know when you have time to sleep! Our best wishes are with you pal and may your new endeavor benefit everyone concerned.
Here is a link to the new site:

Best Wishes,