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Our "Members' Recipes Index"

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:45
by Chuckwagon

Our Members' Recipe Index (MRI)

Part 1 - Sausage recipes
Part 2 (scroll page down) Non-sausage recipes (sauces etc.)


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Beef Sausage, Scottish by Vagreys - ... 3da0e4aa51
Boerewors - S.African by Bubba (September 2011 WD`s ContestWinner!)
Bratwurst, "Brandin` Iron" Beef" (kosher) by Chuckwagon
Bratwurst, Gummy Bear - by Big Guy - ... 95fde4cc7e
Bratwurst, Forgot The Garlic - by Cat797 - ... 2fd4c37ee7
Bratwurst, Octoberfest - by Big Guy - ... =bratwurst
Bratwurst - "Bronsonville Jots" - by Chuckwagon -
Bratwurst, Beer by Chuckwagon
Bratwurst, Cheddar - by NorCalKid -
Bratwurst, Hungarian by Toolman
Bratwurst, Venison (Fresh) by Toolman
Bratwurstschnecken, Wally`s German - by Uwanna -
Breakfast Bangers, English - Fourth Of July - by NorCalKid -
Breakfast Links, "Jimmy Dean" Style - by NorCalKid -
Breakfast Sausage (English Bangers) by Chuckwagon -
Breakfast Sausage, Bad Bob's "Brown n' Serve" by Chuckwagon
Breakfast Sausage, Maple Links - by Big Guy - ... kfast+sage
Breakfast Sausage, Sage Links - by Big Guy - ... kfast+sage
Celery Sausage, Baltimore Nick`s - by ssorllih -
Canadian Country Sausage (March 2011 WD`s Contest Winner!) bySteelchef
Cayenne & Garlic Sausage by Gray Goat
Cervelatpolse (Swiss Cervelat Thuringer) by Chuckwagon
Chicken, Mango, Cranberry Sausage - by GurkanYeniceri -
Chicken Sausage by Siara
Chicken Sausage With Broth - by Cranky Buzzard - http://wedlinydomowe.ple...cfb54b82a#15634
Chicken Sausage, Cheese and Asparagus - by Divey -
Chicken Sausage With Feta And Spinach by Gray Goat
Chicken Sausage, Greek (fr.) by Big Guy
Chicken Sausage, Rosemary by DLFL -
Chicken Sausage, "Saddle Bum`s" Tarragon -
Chicken Sausage, San Francisco Italian - by NorCalKid -
Chicken Sausage,Thai (fr.) by Big Guy
Chicken Sausage,Thai (fr.) by NorCalKid
Chicken-Turkey Sausage (Yee Haw Hooligans) by ssorlligh -
Chorizo, Colombian - by El DuckO -
Chorizo En El Estilo Del Pato Reclamo De Madera (Mexican) by El Ducko -
Chorizo, Mexican by NorCalKid
Csabaii, Hungarian - by Snagman (October 2011 WD`s Contest Winner!)
English Bangers (Bootjack`s "Barb Wire Bangers" by Chuckwagon -
Fajita Sausage,Beef - by Cranky Buzzard -
Hungarian Sausage by Blackriver
Irish Pork Sausage by Oneills -
Italian Sausage, Hickory Hill Hot by DaveZac - (June 2011 WD`s Contest Winner!)
Italian Sausage by HNutczak
Italian Sausage, Nico`s - by Nico -
Italian Sausage - by Stan Marianski -
Kielbasa Biala (1) by Siara
Kiełbasa Biała (2) by Siara
Kiszka Ziemiaczana (Vegetarian Sausage) by Siara
Lorne Sausage (Venison) by SitkaStag
Manchester Sausage by Chuckwagon -
Merguez (lamb) With Harissa - by Butterbean -
Merquez, Moroccan - by El Ducko -
Onion, Outlaw`s Sausage - by Chuckwagon -
Pickled Sausage - by Gray Goat -
Pickled Sausage: Paralyzin` Pickled Polecats (Andouille) by Chuckwagon
Polish Sausage, Holiday by DaveZac
Polska Kielbasa Wedzona (Cold Smoked) by Trosky and Miroslaw Rozmyslowick
Pork and Apple Sausage by snagman -
Potatis Korv (Swedish Potato Sausage) by Cranky Buzzard -
Shrimp and Pork Sausages by Devo -
Swiss Sausage, Salinas Valley - by sausagemaneric -
Teewurst - by Idakraut -
Turkey Sausage, Paint Chip Sausage, by El DuckO -
Swiss Sausage (Kasewurst) by Chuckwagon -
Tongue Sausage - "Waggin` Tongue Sausage" - by Chuckwagon -
Turkey-Chicken Sausage - (Yee Haw Hooligans) by ssorlligh -
Turkey, Deviled - by Idakraut -
Venison Sausage, Tom`s - by Vagreys
Vegetarian Sausage by Big Guy


Andouille, Hot ("Paralyzin' Pickled Polecats") by Chuckwagon -
Andouille, "Rhinocerahorse Garlic Andouille" by Chuckwagon -
Bangers (English) Bootjack`s "Barb Wire Bangers" by Chuckwagon -
Bierwurst by Big Guy wtopic.php?t=5143
Bockwurst, NorCal German by NorCal -
Beef Stick, Grubstake Garlic - by Chuckwagon -
Beef Sausage Lockhart TX Style , Lockhart Barbecue Links by tdimler -
Bologna, Bad Bob's by Chuckwagon
Bologna, Home-Made - by NorCalKid -
Boudan, Cranky`s Secret Recipe by CrankyBuzzard
Chipolatas, Cataract Canyon - by Chuckwagon -
Chorizo, A Guide To - by El DuckO - A series of chorizo recipes & info -
Chorizo, Basque by NorCal Kid
Christmas Sausage by Stican -
Salami, Cotto (cooked) by Rytek Kutas -
Dill Sausage - "Dave`s Dilly Dogs" by DaveZac -
Deer Sausage, "Stray Bullet" Ital Style-by Chuckwagon
Duck Neck Sausage - by Snagman
Frankfurters,Beef "Hobble Creek Hot Dogs" (All beef) - by Chuckwagon
Frankfurters by NorCalKid
Frankfurters, "Hobble Creek Hot Dogs" (All beef) - by Chuckwagon
Frankfurters, Lone Peak Hog Longhorns (All Pork Frankfurters) by Chuckwagon
Garlic & Cheese Smoked Sausage by Big Guy
Gator Sausage - by Big Guy -
Goose Kielbasa #1 - by Redzed -
Goose Kielbasa #2 - by Redzed -
Goose Pepperoni - by Redzed -
Gyulai Kolbasz (Hungarian Sausage) by Toolman
Habanero And Asiago Summer Sausage - by tsmodie -
Honey Loaf by DLFL -
Hot Dogs -"Bugle Dogs" (Elk franks) by IdaKraut -
Hot Dogs, Hobble Creek (All Beef Frankfurters) by Chuckwagon
Hot Dogs, Lone Peak (All Pork Frankfurters) by Chuckwagon -
Chicken and Pork Hot Dogs, - by Big Guy - ... light=dogs
Hot Dogs Two Types by Chuckwagon
Kabanosy, Halusia's (from Polish WD site)
Kabanosy (with original sheep casing) - by Seminole
Kielbasa, Dave`s Hickory Hill -
Kielbasa, Cactus Gap by Big Guy
Kiełbasa Czosnkowa (garlic sausage) - by Redzed -
Kielbasa, Goose - by Redzed -
Kielbasa, Kakabeka by Devo -
Kielbasa, Kevin`s - by NorCalKid -
Kiełbasa Krakowska Wędzona by NorCalKid -
Kielbasa, Smoked Cheddar - by JerBear -
Kielbasa Snack Sticks - by Big Guy -
Kiełbasa Swojska - by Redzed -
Kielbasa - by Walleye 1 -
Knackwurst, Swiss by Chuckwagon
Linguisa, Greek Smoked Greek Sausage by Chuckwagon
Linguiza Portuguese Sausage by Chuckwagon
Liver Sausage With Mushrooms - by Redzed -
Metka łososiowa by Siara
Mexi-Cali Hot Links - by NorCalKid -
Mortadella , Goober - (South Georgia Mortadella) by Butterbean - ..
Mortadella by NorCalKid -
Olive Loaf, Col. Big Guy`s -
Paprika Garlic Smoked Sausage - by Snagman -
Pepperettes, Moose (snack sticks) by Big Guy
Pizza Sausage - by ssorllih -
Poultry Sausage, Stan`s Basic- post by Chuckwagon -
Prinskorv, Swedish by Stickan -
Salceson, Polish Headcheese - by Redzed -
Snack Sticks, Elk - by Devo -
Snack Sticks, Tequila Lime Teriyaki - by Big Guy -
Snax Stix, Cactus Jack`s by Chuckwagon -
Snack Sticks (Beef) Chihuahua Sticks by Butterbean http://www.wedlinydomowe....p?p=32550#32550
Souse, South Georgia - by Butterbean -
Spicy Hot Links, NorCal`s by NorCalKid -
Special Sausage - by Big Guy -
Sulze and Blut-Zungenwurst, Bavarian - by Ida Kraut -
Teriyaki Flat Stick by Tsmodie -
Turkey-Sausage Grandfather's Turkey and Pork by Redzed http://www.wedlinydomowe....p?p=32260#32260
Turkey Slim Jims by Big Guy
Vienna Sausage, Cactus Jack's by Chuckwagon
Vienna Sausage , Cowboy`s Poison & Disgusting -
Venison Pizza Sticks - by Butterbean -
Wątrobianka (Liver Sausage) by Siara
Weiners, Old Fashioned - by Idakraut -
Weisswurst, Rudy`s "White" - by IdaKraut -
White Sausage (Kielbasa Biala) by Siara -

Fermented and Dry

Danish Sausage - "Tenderfoot Sausage" by Chuckwagon -
Fuet, Spanish (Fermeted Sausage) "Longrider`s Latigo" by Chuckwagon
Kolbász - Hungarian "old-time" Sausage - by Gulyas -
Pepperoni, Dry-Cured long-term T-SPX (Proj."P") by Stan Marianski
Salami Finferli - chanterelle flavored - by Redzed -
Salami, Funghi - by Northwall AndreJ -
Salamini Italiani Alla Cacciatore, Simulated - by Chuckwagon -
Salame di Cervo (Venison Salami) by Redzed -
Salami, Mushroom - by Redzed -
Sopressotta, Wild Duck - by Redzed -
Venison Salami (Salame di Cervo) by Redzed -

Semi Dry

Beef Stick, Saddle Bum`s Smoky - by Chuckwagon
Debreziner, "Double-Barrel" (Kranska) - Three types - by Chuckwagon -
Droewors, South African - by Bubba -
Krainerwurst (3 types) by Chuckwagon - ... ainerwurst
Landjagger - by Devo -
Lap Cheong - Hawaiian Sweet Sausage - by Idakraut -
Meat Stick, Robber`s Roost Rawhide (Black Pepper Semi-Dry) by Chuckwagon
Pepperoni, Goose - by Redzed -
Pepperoni, Poker Face, Semi-Dry-Cured quick, (Fermento) by Chuckwagon
Pepperoni, Powder Keg, Semi-Dry-Cured Quick, (Bactoferm™ FLC) by Chuckwagon
Pepperoni Sticks, "Butterbean`s Beanpoles" -
Pepperoni Stix "Wounded Witch" - by Chuckwagon -
Smokies - Opa`s Hunter`s Sausage - by Big Guy -
Summer Sausage, Bacon Asiago - by Tsmodie -
Summer Sausage, Moose by Big Guy
Summer Sausage, Sunrise (Semi-Dry-Cured Summer Sausage) by Chuckwagon
Summer Sausage" (Semi-Dry Cured) With Fermento - by Chuckwagon
Venison, Lodgepole Canyon Links (Semi-Dry Cured) by Chuckwagon

..............................Hams, Bacon and other Meats.....................................................

Ham ("Boiled") Hobble Creek Hog Leg - by Chuckwagon -
Ham Hocks & Turkey Legs - Brined & Smoked by Big Guy
Ham, Bowlegged Bullshipper's (Country-Dry Cured) - by Chuckwagon
Ham, Cabin Fever Country ("Dry-Cured Country Ham") by Chuckwagon
Ham, Kassler by Bubba
Ham, Make Your Own "Boiled" Cured by Chuckwagon
Lardo, Jason`s TLP -
Bacon Makin` by Chuckwagon
Bacon, Bushwhacker`s Buckboard by Chuckwagon
Bacon, Maple Cured by Devo -
Bacon Sausage, Buckaroo`s - by ssorllih -
Bacon, Bad Bob`s (Bacon & Salt Pork Salt-Cure) By Chuckwagon
Bacon, Ontario Venison (WD`s May 2011 Contest Winner!) by Big Guy
Bacon, ("Sons Of Bees Bacon") by Chuckwagon -
Bacon, Ontario Venison (WD`s May 2011 Contest Winner!) by Big Guy
Baleron Mąkolicki Prasowany Polish Smoked Pork Butt - by WD Members-
Braesaola - "Cow Chip Chipped Beef" (Braesaola) by Chuckwagon -
Canadian Bacon (Brine Cured, Smoked, Pork Loin) by Chuckwagon
Canadian Bacon, Pork Loin, Smoked - by Chuckwagon -
Capacolla, "Cow Kickin` Coppa" by Chuckwagon -
Coppa, "Cow Kickin` Coppa" by Chuckwagon -
Coppa, Michigan Capocollo - by Toolhawk -
Coppa, Spicy Ham by Redzed -
Chipped Beef - "Cow Chip Chipped Beef" - by Chuckwagon -
Pancetta (Kitchen Recipe) by Franknap
Pancetta by Maxell
Pastrami Jeannie by Salmonclubber
Pastrami, Lone Peak by Chuckwagon
Pastrami, Seven-Day by Smokin`Don -
Pork Loin - dry cured (Lomo Embuchado) - by Chuckwagon -
Prosciutto, Italian Ham by Chuckwagon
Prosciutto, Wally's Perfected - by Uwanna -
Salt Pork (See Bad Bob`s Bacon Balm) ) By Chuckwagon
Schinkenspeck Bacon-Ham by Maxell and Siara
Splam In A Can, - by Big Guy
Tasso, Tumbleweed - by Chuckwagon -
Tongue, Beef Smoked - "Chuckwagon`s Waggin` Wagon Tongue" -
Tongue, Pressed - "Tongue-Tied Pressed Tongue" - by Chuckwagon -
Turkey, Smoke n` Choke by Chuckwagon

.................................................Other Recipes..................................................

Chicken, Paprikash With Gnocchi, Hungarian - by Gulyas -
?p=113Chicken, Smoky Aromatic by Dziadek

Achiote (Anatto) Paste (Recado Rojo) by El Ducko -
Adobo, Awesome (Chipoltle en adobo) by Chuckwagon -
Bacon Jam by Devo -
Barbecue Sauce, " Robber`s Roost Rust" -
Beef, Dried - Buffalo Bend Dried Beef - by Chuckwagon
Beans - Baked, Rio Rojo by Chuckwagon -
Beans - Baked, Rio Verde by Chuckwagon -
Beans, Slow-Cooked Black - by Markjass -
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Biscuits, Gluten Free - For Those With Celiac Disorder, by NorCalKid -
Biscuits, Ross` Susquehanna -
Biscuits n`Gravy , (Sourdough), Shuttle Bucket by Chuckwagon -
Bread Rolls, Maryland - by ssorllih -
Bread, Storing, Freezing, And Thawing by Chuckwagon -
Bread, Navajo Fry (for Navajo Tacos) by Chuckwagon
Brine - See `brine` in Resources Index here:
Brisket, How to select, trim, spice, and cook - by Chuckwagon-
Brisket, Bandit's (Barbecued Brisket) by Chuckwagon
Buckwheat Pancakes, Boot Hill Buckwheats" - by Chuckwagon -
Buns, Bread, Roll, Pizza Dough - various recipes by members -
Buns, Ross` Rye- ssorllih -
Buns, Ssorllih`s Soft Burger - by Ross Hill -
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Candy, "Cowpuncher's Candied Orange" by Chuckwagon -
Canadian Red Beans And Rice by Steelchef
Catsup, Make Your Own: by Chuckwagon -
Ceviche, Quick Draw ~ by El DuckO -
Chicken Breasts, Brined & Smoked - by Bubba
Chicken, (Fried) Cold Picnic "Hobble Creek" by Chuckwagon -
Chicken, Phillipines Grilled - by DLFL
Chicken, Smoked~Thighs by ssorllih -
Chili, Blackriver`s - by Blackriver -
Chile And Chili Powders by Chuckwagon -
Chile Powder, Cranky`s Home Made - by CrankyBuzzard
Chipoltle en adobo by Chuckwagon -
Confit (Duck) - by Story28 -
Crackers, Smoked Cajun by Smokin Don -
Crackers, Smoked Korean by Smokin Don -
Duck & Dip, Desolation - (grilled with sauce) by Chuckwagon -
Duck, (Smoked) Red Creek Duck - by Chuckwagon -
Fish (See also: "Trout")
Fish Brining Solution (80%) by Chuckwagon
Fish, Great Salt Lake "Yoo-Taw Cold Smoked Tuna" - by Chuckwagon
Fish, (smoked) Boulder Mountain Brining Solution - By Chuckwagon -
Fish, Smoked Salmon recipes (3) - Blackriver, Devo, Sawhorseray -
Fish, (smoked) Chuckwagon`s Chokin` Smokin` Potion - By Chuckwagon -
Fleischkaese, "Cactus Jack`s" Swiss, - by Chuckwagon
Dinner Sausages At Oraibi, John Wesley Powell`s - by Chuckwagon
Deer Sausage In A Bun, Ross`- by ssorllih
Drink, Tepache, Mexican Fermented - by Cabonaia -
Eggs, Amish - by Nuynai -
Eggs, Mustard - by Nuynai-
Egg Nog, Peacock`s Saloon Secret 110 year old recipe. By Chuckwagon
Egg Rolls, Testing Chicken - by tybryner -
Enchiladas, Red - by El DuckO -
Giardiniera, Spicy - by Oxide -
Goose Fat Pie Pastry - by ssorllih -
Goose, Gunpowder Gulch Grilled, (Hickory Smoked) - by Chuckwagon -
Goose, Wasatch Wild, (Baked -With Currant Sauce) - by Chuckwagon -
Gravlax, Kakabeka by Devo -
Gravy, Tidal Wave (The Best Turkey Gravy In The West!) by Chuckwagon
Gravy In A Pinch, Good - "Rocky Mountain Ringer" by Chuckwagon -
Gravy, Sausage n` Biscuits - by Chuckwagon -
Gyro Loaf, Beef - by IdaKraut -
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Ham Hock`s N` Beans, Cowboy`s by Chuckwagon
Ham Hocks, Ray`s Beans n' by Big Guy
Ham, Deviled by Trosky
Hamburgers, Chuckwagon`s "Hip Shot Hamburgers" -
Hog, Whole - "Hole-In-The-Wall" - (Barbecued Whole Hog) by Chuckwagon -
Hot Dog Mustard Cowboy`s (Rodeo & Circus Style Mustard) by Chuckwagon
Hot Dog Relish, Hobble Creek " (Western Style Hot Dog Relish) by Chuckwagon
Herbal Pepper by Siara
Hot Dog Buns, Horsethief (Classic Hot Dog Bun Recipe) by Chuckwagon
Hungarian Goulash by Gulyas -
Hungarian stuffed cabbage by DaveZac
Jerky, (Mieso Suszone) by Chuckwagon
Jerky, Blackriver`s by Blackriver
Jerky, Cajun (Mieso Suszone) by Chuckwagon
Jerky, Cowboy (Mieso Suszone) by Chuckwagon
Jerky, Indiana by jbk101 (April 2011 WD`s Contest Winner!)
Jerky, Mexican (Mieso Suszone) by Chuckwagon
Jerky, New England Basic (Mieso Suszone) by Chuckwagon
Krupnik (National Beverage of Poland) by Nuynai -
Lamb Recipe: "Bootjack`s Broiled Baa-Baa" (Broiled Lamb) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Green River Grilled Lamb" (Leg Of Lamb) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Hog Leg Lamb" (Traditional Greek Lamb Stew) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Lawman's Lamb Stew" (Lamb-Tomato Stew) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Robber's Roost Rack" (Rack Of Lamb ) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Tumbleweed Stew" (Spring Lamb Stew) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Dry Gulch Garlic" Garlic Butter by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Pistolero`s Pita" (Greek Bread For Lamb Gyros) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Ranch House Pita Bread" (Greek Oven Bread) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: Easter Lamb (With A Little Bull) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: Greek Gyros (Lamb Wraps) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: Tzatziki Sauce (Gr. Gyro Cucumber Sauce) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Getaway Gulch BBQ Lamb" (Skewers) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Ranch Leg O' Lamb" (Pit Grilled-Boned Leg) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Getaway Gulch Gyros" (Greek) by Chuckwagon
Lamb Recipe: "Gorgeous George`s Marinated Lamb Skewers" by Chuckwagon
Liver, Chopped - by ssorllih -
Liver Mush by Butterbean -

London Broil by Chuckwagon - Marinade - Polecat`s Oui Oui Water (for butt n` chuck) by Chuckwagon
Marinade (Injection) Polecat`s Oui Oui Water by Chuckwagon -
Meat Loaf ,BBQ`d - by Sausagemaneric -
Mop, (BBQ) " Ma`s Monument Valley Magic Mop" -
Mincemeat, Maryland - by ssorllih -
Mustard, Cognac - by UncleBuck -
Mustard, Cowboy`s (Rodeo & Circus Style Hot Dog) by Chuckwagon
Mustard Grotto, The - Our member`s recipes at this link:
Mustard, Hallertau Hops by JerBear
Mustard, Hard Cider Whole Grain - by JerBear -
Mustard, Roxy`s - by atcNick -
Mustard, "Shotgun Sanford`s .12 Gauge ~ for pastrami - by Chuckwagon -
Mustard, Spicy BBQ by Chuckwagon
Omelet, Devo`s Smoked Salmon -
Pancakes, South Pass Saddle Blankets" by Chuckwagon -
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Paprika, Home Made - by ssorllih & butterbean -
Paprika, Smoked by Steelchef
Pea, Split Soup - by Nuynai -
Pear Honey - by DLFL -
Pepper, Polish Herbal - (for sausagemaking) - by Ssorllih -
Peppers, Maryland Stuffed - by ssorllih -
Pickled Eggs, Big Guy`s
Pickled Eggs by NorCalKid -
Pickled Eggs & Jalapeno Beet Eggs - by W1sby
Pickled Eggs, Margaret`s (Malgos`) by Malgos -
:wink: This is the "Non-Sausage Recipes" Section - *To locate "Sausage Recipes" scroll to the top of the page.
Pickles, Dynamite Dill by Big Guy -
Pickles, Fermented - by Gulyas -
Pickles, Fermented Bread And Butter by DLFL -
Pierogi, Polish Perfect - by jbk -
Pierogi by Shadow
Pierogi, Mom`s Polish by Maria Kieltyk (posted by JBK)
Pigs Feet (Sweet n` Sour) "Bok Suey" - by Doug -
Pigs Feet, Heavenly - by Butterbean -
Pigs Feet, Pickled - by Seminole -
Pizza Dough, "Peanut Gallery" - by Sawhorse Ray -
Pork Butt (Pressure Canned) "Comp`ny Comin`" - by ssorllih -
Pork Butt, Smoked by ArtNick
Pork Chops, Smoked by Unclebuck
Pork, Kevin's Pulled - by NorCalKid -
Pork Rillets by Markjass -
Pork Roll by NorCalKid -
Pork Seasoning, (European) Sausage - by Chuckwagon:
Pork, Whole Hog, "Hole-In-The-Wall" - (Barbecued Whole Hog) by Chuckwagon -
Pot pie, Snipe - by DLFL -
Poultry Brining Solution by Chuckwagon
Pretzels, Salzbrezeln by Chuckwagon
Relish, "Hobble Creek" Hot Dog (Western Style Hot Dog Relish) by Chuckwagon
Reuben Sandwich, "Rocky Mountain" by Chuckwagon -
Ratlesnake Rub N` Roast - by Chuckwagon -
Ribs, Blackriver`s Baby Back - by Blackriver -
Rib Curing Solution, Wrangler`s Rusty (Curing Brine For Ribs) by Chuckwagon
Ribs With BBQ Sauce, Smoked by Chuckwagon
Ribs, Greek Style Baby Back by Smokin`Don -
Roulade, Rolled Meat - by ssorllih
Roll, Ross' Dinner - by ssorllih -
Rub, Brisket ("No Bull" Noble) - by Chuckwagon -
Rub, "Butch Cassidy`s Butt Rub" (for "whole hog") -
Rub, Smoked Duck (Red Creek Duck) - by Chuckwagon -
Rub, Brisket Noble 'No Bull' (More "Velocity") by Chuckwagon
Rub, Cowboy's Campfire by Chuckwagon
Rub, Rocky Mountain Rotten Rib -by Chuckwagon
Rub, Tenderfoot's Brisket Dust (Basic Brisket Rub) by Chuckwgon
Rub, Tom`s Rendezvous-Style For Ribs - by Vagreys (sponsored) -
Rachael Sandwich, Rocky Mountain Rachael (pastrami) by Chuckwagon -
Reuben Sandwich, "Rocky Mountain" (pastrami) by Chuckwagon -
World`s Best Sandwich by DaveZac -
Salmon, Scott`s Smoked - by Blackriver -
Salmon, Smoked Kakabeka Falls - by Devo
Sauce, Barbecue - Rocky Mountain "Red" (by Chuckwagon
Sauce, Barbecue - Sgt. Snoody's (Mustard BBQ) by Chuckwagon
Sauce, Barbecue - Sergeant Snoody's Vinegar (BBQ) by Chuckwagon
Sauce, BBQ - St. Louis Red by Chuckwagon
Sauce, Bulldog BBQ by Devo -
Sauce, Cactus Jack's Hot Mopwater (BBQ Finishing Sauce) by Chuckwagon
Sauce, Colorado Duck Drench (cranberry) - by Chuckwagon -
Sauce, Cowboy`s Currant, (For Geese) - by Chuckwagon -
Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Deadman`s ~ by Butterbean
Sauce, Desolation Duck Dip (cherry) - by Chuckwagon -
Sauce, Glaze, Ghastly Grilling For Pork Ribs by Chuckwagon
Sauce "Horseradicot Sauce For Pork" Chuckwagon`s -
Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Jeff`s by Cabonaia
Sauce, Memphis Style Finishing by Vagreys -
Sauce, Mojo Sauce, Monument Valley - by Chuckwagon -
Sauce, Navajo Simmerin' (Traditional Basting BBQ Sauce) by Chuckwagon
Sauce, Pulled Pork by NorCalKid -
Sauce: "Robber's Roost Rattlesnake Venom" (Sauce For Rattler)
Sauce, Roxy`s Mustard Vinegar by Devo -
Sauce, Spicy Maple Salmon Basting by Steelchef
Sauce, Steak Grubstake #57 by Chuckwagon
Sauce, Steak Hey Juan"A-1 by Chuckwagon
Sauce, Tzatziki Gyro Sauce - by IdaKraut -
Sauce, Utah Simmerin' (Slightly Spicy BBQ Sauce) by Chuckwagon
Sauce, Wasabi Mustard by Steelchef
Sauce, Whiskey Springs Orange (duck sauce) by Chuckwagon -
Sauerkraut by Uwanna -
Sausage And Rice (Kitchen Recipe) by Big Guy -
Sausage Roll, South Carolina - by Bubba -
Seasoning, "Oaxaca Whammy" Steak (Southwest) by Chuckwagon
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Scoville Heat Chart For Peppers - by CrankyBuzzard
Shashlik (Soviet Style Shishkabobs) by Siara
Shoulder, Barbecued "Pulled Pork" by Chuckwagon
Slaw, Memphis Marvelous Mustard - by Chuckwagon -
Soap Recipe, "Sunrise Skin Scrub" -
Soup, Barbara Knipf`s German-Hungarian Bean, - by Mysticl -
Soup, Polish Mushroom - by Nuynai -
Sour Cream, "Yee Haw" Cowboy`s - by Chuckwagon -
Sourdough Biscuits n`Gravy, Shuttle Bucket by Chuckwagon -
Sourdough Bread, Cowboy's Classic by Chuckwagon -
Sourdough Rye, Saddle Bum`s Ranch Bread by Chuckwagon -
Spareribs and Sauerkraut McIntosh by DLFL -
Spice, Unclebuck's Steak by Unclebuck
Stock, Duck - Green River Riverwater (duck stock) - by Chuckwagon -
Stock, "Stick Up" Beef - by Chuckwagon -
Syrup, Chokecherry - Chuckwagon`s Bragin` n` Gaggin` - by Chuckwagon -
Tom & Jerrys - 150 yr. old eggnog recipe - by Chuckwagon -
Trout, Rocky Mtn Smoked - by Chuckwagon
Trout & Salmon Pate` by Steelchef
Trout, Smoked Lake - by Dumoine -
Turkey, Brined by DLFL -
Turkey, Dutch Oven (Classic Dutch Oven Roasted Turkey) by Chuckwagon
Turkey Gravy Tidal Wave (The Best Turkey Gravy In The West!) by Chuckwagon getables,
Venison Pepper Steak by Uwanna - ://
Venison Tenderloin Barbecue by Uwanna
Venison Tenderloin Barbecue by Uwanna Venison Sausage Rolls, Aussie - by Divey -
Whitefish, Smoked by Unclebuck
Whole Hog, "Hole-In-The-Wall" - (Barbecued Whole Hog) by Chuckwagon -
Yorkshire Pudding by Chuckwagon -


Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 15:48
by ssorllih
Chuckwagon you must have been up all night putting that together. A great job and all proven recipes.
I won't live long enough to try all of those and before that the list will double. Oh, What is a man to do?

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 04:10
by Chuckwagon
Hey Ross... up three nights puttin' it together! :shock: My eyes look like a couple of sheep droppin's in mercurochrome!
I disagree with you about your age. Just look at it this way... you've got about HALF your years over with! :lol:

Best Wishes,

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 14:02
by ssorllih
I was complaining to my doctor about my lack of endurance and that by the end of a work day carrying a load up stairs was very difficult. He grinned and said ," well you are getting pretty close to middle age."

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 14:56
by Bubba
Hi Chuckwagon,

Thank you posting all the recipes here, there are some very interesting ones that I will try in future.


Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 01:55
by Chuckwagon
You are mighty welcome Bubba. Be sure to check out Stan Marianski`s book recipes on this site. The page also includes much information about smoking, building a smokehouse, all sorts of other references, and even has a handy spice and cure measuring reference. Here`s a link:

Best Wishes,