"Disclaimer Container" - Where Did My Post Go?

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Post by ssorllih » Mon Aug 25, 2014 19:16

The title of this thread is "Chuckwagon being replaced" ? The answer to that question is never ! He may be succeeded but he simply can not be replaced.
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Post by nuynai » Mon Aug 25, 2014 19:17

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Post by cogboy » Tue Aug 26, 2014 23:16

Still no Chuckwagon ???????
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Post by Gulyás » Wed Aug 27, 2014 00:28

Chuckwagon have to take a break.
Some days I looked in here 10-15 times a day, and He was always here, working one way or another.
I think He dedicated He's life for this forum.
Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.
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Post by Chuckwagon » Wed Aug 27, 2014 02:17

Hi Folks, I`m sorry if it seems that I have "bovine manure optical septicity" ! ($hitty outlook ) but I thought I`d been replaced. Now there is a post from the boss saying,
"Why would we replace Chuckwagon? He is doing a great job here!".
Sorry, I`m just a little confused. Just a few days ago I got a PM reading:
I have a request to you. Enter redzed'a the ins and outs of working a moderator. A long time ago I wanted to give him this function.
How would you feel? Honestly. Tell me... how would you feel in my place if you had read that? :cry: I understood it to mean Redzed is replacing me as moderator. Now he says he won`t take it. What is going on Maxell?

I would like to thank all of you who have written me by PM or email. You are true friends and still "family". I don`t know if I am to be the moderator of WD or if Redzed will take it over. I know that I won`t be coming back unless it is with the title of "Lead Moderator" of the English-Speaking division of Wedliny Domowe.

I remember when we first started. In April of 2010 there were just a few English-speaking Polish folks on the forum. I chatted with them regularly and joined them on April 5, 2010. Then BangerMuncher from Suxxex, England came on four days later, and then our buddy Graham "Spud" in Perth, Australia came on 3 days after that. Then on the 16th, my pal Dave Zacarias came on as "DaveZac" in Bristol, New York. We tried to keep a conversation going in those early days and invited others to join us. Quite frankly, we "stole" a bunch of members from the English "Sausagemaking" site. I had recently been kicked off that site for telling some "intellectual" that his sausage looked like something I scraped off my boot before I stepped up on the porch! He was a braggart and full of himself and a nickel`s worth of hot air. I had hoped I didn`t appear to be so "elevated" as he did because I had three college degrees myself. I will never apologize for my education but I`ll never throw it up in anyone`s face either! I had hoped I was still "dirt humble" and made up my mind to act that way. Nevertheless, I had been kicked off the Sausagemaking site so I swung over to Wedliny Domowe. Nobody outside of Poland had joined yet, and at first, getting people from around the world to join us, was a pretty slow effort. They made me a moderator sometime back and I don`t mind telling you that I worked my ass off to get folks to join our membership. Finally another year went by and it really began to catch on. In 2014, more and more folks were signing up and chatting, and my dreams of a large English-speaking division of WD had literally come true.

So, here it is August of 2014 and when I received a PM telling me to train a replacement, I was kicked in the teeth. I`m still around folks. I`ll be happy to answer your questions by PM if you`d like to write to me. But I won`t come back to WD unless it is with the title of "Lead" moderator and understood that I am still calling the shots on the English-Speaking division of the site. My best and sincerest wishes are with all of you.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably needs more time on the grill! :D
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Post by Dave Zac » Wed Aug 27, 2014 02:26

Glad you're still with us CW. And glad to know you will always be available for us. I think we would expect no less. Hang in there...the glass is always half full my friend!

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Post by Baconologist » Wed Aug 27, 2014 02:33

Chuckwagon wrote:I had recently been kicked off that site for telling some "intellectual" that his sausage looked like something I scraped off my boot before I stepped up on the porch!
I hope you'll post some photos of your projects....I'm sure members here would love to see them.


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Post by ssorllih » Wed Aug 27, 2014 02:41

Chuckwagon my friend. You have been as fine a man and friend as I have had. I suspect that the communication you received concerning Redzed was carelessly too brief and lacking explanation. The person who sent it I am sure has better management and people skills than were evident in his message. I am in favor of the idea of assistant and deputy administrators but there can be only one administrator. You can't have two people in charge.
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Post by grasshopper » Wed Aug 27, 2014 02:56

All I have to say is Maxell / Vtek get it done plain and simple. Lets get back to a family again.
Ray hope you are watching as you are needed. Remember Grasshopper/ ramble, Ray/ short and to the point.
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Post by redzed » Wed Aug 27, 2014 06:11

Hmm, the more I read and re-read the posts in this thread, the more I question why I even chose to participate here. As I already posted earlier, I never asked to be "a moderator" and heaven forbid, aspired to be the "Lead" moderator. I have always been a team player and it appears that that concept is quite foreign here. I don't need this hassle.
sambal badjak
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Post by sambal badjak » Wed Aug 27, 2014 07:00

We need you as well!
Your input has been very valuable (at least to me).

And eveyone else as well. I have learned a heck of a lot since I joined.. Thanks to everyone here.
Can we please go on just making ham and sausages?
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Post by crustyo44 » Wed Aug 27, 2014 07:00

Godspeed Bob,
Nobody seen any pictures of what you produced either Bob, so please pull your head in.
I always remember your posts because they are full of bullshit and smartass remarks.
It is the same on other Forums where you post messages as well.
I know, I am a member there as well, Matter of fact, this was pointed out to me on Skype last night.
So please, leave us all in peace and crawl under your rock again to hibernate, Winter is coming!!!!
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Post by NorthFork » Wed Aug 27, 2014 13:23

I have been in the mountains for the past couple of weeks and only able to follow this thread on my cell phone so must apologize for not commenting sooner. First I would like to express my respect and admiration for both Chuckwagon and redzed, both are great contributors to this forum and offer skills, knowledge and a willingness/desire to help those of us with lesser talents. We now have two great assets to the forum ready to leave the forum due to what appears to be a misunderstanding and/or miscommunication. We all feel that CW has earned, deserves and wants the thankless position of moderator for this forum and I think most would agree that redzed also deserves recognition for his support of the members and the forum although (as he has said) does not want the position of the "lead" moderator. It would be a tremendous benefit to us all, and to the forum to have both gentleman doing what they do best (and have been doing for some time) Chuckwagon at the lead doing what he does best and redzed helping us all with his knowledge of sausage making and especially with his ability to interact with the Polish parent forum and the heritage of this craft in Poland. There is, no doubt, a simple solution that will bring all of this together again but it must come from Admin. For the sake of two great people and the forum, please do whatever needs done.

I've always tried to set a good example for others-but many times I've had to settle for just being a horrible warning!
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Post by Janlab » Wed Aug 27, 2014 13:25

I am sorry, but this is getting more and more bizarre...
@CW, with respect, I think that you misunderstood the message. It really doesn't say anything about "replacing" you. Taking into account that it was written by a person with (again with the greatest of respect), a less than perfect command of english, it just means that you have to teach Red the ropes, to help, not to replace you. And your recent absence actually demonstrated why that is so necessary.
The administrator has also confirmed that in a post after his return from holiday (remember... August in Europe = holiday).
That you can be proud of what you have achieved on this forum is true. And the respect and adoration the people here showed you should humble you. Not sure though if that means no one else could be moderating alongside you. I am also not sure what Lead moderator means; maybe moderating the moderators?
As moderator you will take some flack every now and then... Rise above it, rather than reacting.

And as moderator I believe you should delete this whole thread, train Red to help you and get on with the job. You have much to share!

I don't write much, I just don't have the time, so if I cannot write anymore, I'll just read! I learnt a lot here reading, about sausagemaking, and lately about human nature. This thread started as nonsense, please stop it now, and get on with the teaching!

To the rsoles that tries to create discent, its not working.... Go elsewhere

@Redzed, hang in there, sanity will prevail...

@ Sawhorseray, I think you can come back now...

You want to flame me?? Be my guests...

Jan L
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Post by Bob K » Wed Aug 27, 2014 14:00

Very well said Jan!!!!!

I agree with you 100%