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Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 06:45
by redzed
OK, it's February 10 and the following famous people are celebrating their birthdays:
Charles Lamb 1775
William Allen White 1868
Boris Pasternak 1890
Jimmy Durante 1893
Maurice Harold Macmillan 1894 - British Prime Minister from 1957-1963
Bertolt Brecht 1898 - Dramatist, poet
Dame Judith Anderson 1898
Lon Chaney, Jr. 1905
Larry Adler 1914
Allie Reynolds 1919
Neva Patterson 1922
Leontyne Price 1927
Jerry Goldsmith 1929
Robert Wagner 1930 - Actor ("Hart to Hart")
James E. West 1931
Don Wilson (The Ventures) 1937
Roberta Flack 1939 - Singer
Jimmy Merchant 1940 - Singer (Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers)
Ral Donner 1943
Frances Moore Lappé 1944
Mark Spitz 1950 - Olympic gold-medal swimmer
Greg Norman 1955
Kathleen Beller 1955
Ursula Oz - From Down Under
Lionel Cartwright 1960
George Stephanopoulos 1961 - Broadcast journalist
Cliff Burton 1962 - Musician (MetallMetallicaica)
Laura Dern 1967 - Actress
Dude Mowrey 1972
Elizabeth Banks (Elizabeth Maresal Mitchell) 1974 - Actress
Chloe Grace Moretz 1997 - Actress ("Hugo")

And we are greatly honoured that one of our members, Ursula from Down Under is in that distinguished group! Happy Birthday Ursula! Enjoy your special day!


Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:54
by Gulyás
Happy birthday to Ursula.

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:57
by Janlab
Happy birthday Ursula! Hope you had a splendid day!!
Jan L

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 13:29
by Bob K
Happy birthday Ursula!
You must be in gardening mode this time of year.
Have a great day


Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 22:57
by crustyo44
Happy Birthday Ursula. Enjoy your day with plenty of smoked and cured goodies with of course, the appropriate refreshments. Just don't overdo it.
Jan O.

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 02:41
by ursula
Thank you Red, Janlab, Jan, Bob and Gulyas for your thoughtful and kind messages.
It's lovely to be remembered on your birthday.
I have been somewhat quiet on the forum lately, because it's just too hot to make sausages, but the noise you might hear is the chomping through of those already made.
It's harvest time here, and there is so much good stuff growing in the garden that it makes my mouth water. Good for the budget too. In fact, my birthday dinner was a big bowl of tomato salad. Delish!
I have also been busy training for a trek in the Himalayas in March, which takes a lot of time and energy. But in May, when I am back, I will jump back in to making all those goodies that have been enjoyed over the last year and more.
Thank you again for the lovely messages.
Best wishes Ursula

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 22:01
by Pete
Hope it was a good one Ursula, all the very best. :mrgreen:

Nothing like home grown tomatoes, yum !

Enjoy the trek also, sounds like quite an experience, love to see some pics
on your return.

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 16:07
by Bob K
Happy Birthday Phil !

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 16:34
by redzed
Happy Birthday Phil! Sto Lat! Enjoy your special day!


Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 18:28
by redzed
Best wishes to Lynn (HamnCheese) and Snakeoil who are celebrating another year of life with sausages! Hope you are celebrating with family and friends at your side!



Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 15:21
by Shuswap
Thanks for the birthday wishes - we went away for the weekend for some r&r as we are in the midst of replacing our water system which originates in a spring 1500 feet away and crosses a road - very messy :twisted: However, last night on instructions from DW I pulled a loin from the freezer to replenish our ham supply and this Friday I put the capicola into a umai bag. The cumberland sausage I made last week is gone - a big hit. Life goes on :smile:

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 01:40
by el Ducko
Happy belated birthday, Phil. Come back and see us again this year. We need to talk Umai.
Russ & Betsy :mrgreen:

el Ducko
Chief Waterfowl Officer

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 09:06
by redzed
Aaron from Downunder! Happy Birthday! I hope you're sitting right now with glass of that fine Australian shiraz and heaping plate of charcuterie and cheeses on the table! Enjoy your day and I still want to see that goat prosciutto in the near future!


Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 15:42
by Shuswap
el Ducko wrote:Happy belated birthday, Phil. Come back and see us again this year. We need to talk Umai.
Russ & Betsy :mrgreen:

Hey Russ & Betsy thanks for that :grin:We were hoping a trip north to BC might be in the works for you folks. If you follow the weather you might have noticed that BC has had a phenomenal winter unlike the rest of the continent. We are stuck with local travel this year after a major construction project to replace our rural water system :evil:

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 23:05
by Lance Link
Mine was 2 weeks ago, but I digress. One of those 'milestone' ones I guess.