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Pepper Snacks,Pepperoni, Ross's Pizza Dough,Pork Butt Bacon

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 16:26
by Krakowska
Finally got around to making first sausage using LHP culture. Chuckwagon I used Your Powder Keg Pepperoni recipe. Made some "Pepper snacks" and Ross I used Your dough recipe and it all combined to make a homemade pizza. Cw absolutely SUPERB, A nice "tang" (I really surprised myself that I did not screw it up, lol) the pepper sticks were Ryteks version. All were packed in 28 mm kielbasa casings because packing it in 22mm calogen casings was not working out) A shout out to ALL who make this forum so interesting and professional guidance helping me and us beginners. I tip my hat. Much appreciated.
Fred :cool:

On the left is Pepper sticks on the right pepperoni



Previous pizza before I made the snacks BUT Pork butt bacon, Chuckwagon's "Son's Of Bees"


Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 13:17
by Chuckwagon
Fred, you just made my whole day! What wonderful news. The photos are terrific. I am just elated ol' pal. Very well done! Indeed. Now, sit back and enjoy your creation!

Best Wishes,