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Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2014 17:11
by el Ducko
Please don't take this as "one-upmanship," but we just returned from visiting Sister-in-Law's property in Colorado. A year and a half after the Black Forest fire, they are just now able to cut down ten acres of dead trees so they won't fall on anyone and kill 'em.

They hauled the logs off last week. Burnt slash pine and tree tops are scattered all over the place, the grasses have all been trampled to nothing, and there's a 4 to 6 inch layer of ash everywhere. The house, which burned to the ground, was declared a hazardous waste zone, and the ashes have been bulldozed and hauled off for burial.

The tax authorities require that you rebuild within three years or the taxes go from a residential rate to a recreational (higher) rate. The whole area is dusty and sooty, due to the large extent of the fire. Sister-in-Law suffers from asthma, so there's no way they can rebuild.

So... hang in there. It`s traumatic, I know, but things will get better. Rebuild and re-plant if you can.

...or not.