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Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 18:21
by Butterbean
ssorllih wrote:Very fine work! You have anchored it against the winds?
The 5" tubing is pretty good anchorage I think and if winds get up enough to rip this out along with the smoke box I don't think I'll even have a barn left. We do have some bad weather here at times. Its sureal when you look up in a tree and see a washing machine and a dead goat hanging from a limb 80 feet up.

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2014 16:11
by Rick
Bean, I came across this post on your smokehouse and am jealous to say the least. Since this is an older thread and you were working the bugs out, I'm sure you've perfected everything by now.

So I just wanted to ask how the smokehouse has been working out for you? Are you supplying all the neighbors with the finest bacon and smoked sausage in your parts?

Now that it's been put to good use, I'm sure you've got a nice coat of smoke on the inside walls and it must smell heavenly just to stand inside even when it's not in use.

I just have to ask, should anyone be in the area, do you think they could have a working tour of your smokehouse :lol: