Fridge Temperature Control

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Fridge Temperature Control

Post by Shuswap » Mon Nov 11, 2013 18:37

I have a Kenmore fridge, manufactured by Woods (now defunct). Because I've started making sausage I have been paying attention to the actual fridge temperature. More often than not it is at 40 - 42F. I have installed a Johnson temperature controller but it is not working because I can't get the fridge thermometer at or near 32F so that the Johnson controls the temp.

I have checked the other cooling systems in the fridge and they seem to be working and are free of ice. I'm thinking that I should install a new thermostat in the fridge if I can get one that will hold temp at near freezing so I can taget the Johnson at 37F.

Your thoughts will be appreciated.
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el Ducko
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Post by el Ducko » Mon Nov 11, 2013 20:26

Thr refrigerator was designed to hold 40 degF or so in the refrig box and below freezing in the freezer section. To lower the whole thing's temperature, you are correct - you will have to alter the temperature sensor so as to turn it on permanently.

One idea which will work if you can get at the sensor itself: either short it or open the circuit (depending on the electronic design) so the compressor will stay on. Then, use the Johnson controller to control the temperature.

It may be tough to get at the sensor, especially if there is a PC board involved. You can probably download a manual off the Internet, which will help, especially if there's a circuit diagram. Your objective: make it run all the time, so the Johnson can turn it off and on. Good luck!
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Post by Cabonaia » Tue Nov 12, 2013 07:38

Hey Shuswap,

Another idea, in case you can't get that fridge to run any colder, is to get an upright freezer and use your Johnson controller with that. You would need a frost-free type so you can move/remove shelves. I have found a couple of ones in great shape on Craigslist - one for $50, one for 65. Once you have a controller, you have a lot of flexibility for your freezer, as you can use it as a fridge, a COLD fridge (just above 32F), a sausage chamber, or a freezer. Those controllers are great that way.

Just a thought!

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