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"The Amazing Mullet" A New Book By Adam Marianski

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 05:32
by Chuckwagon
Hi Folks,
Our buddy Adam Marianski has done it again. Bookmagic LLC has just printed and released its latest book called, "The Amazing Mullet - How To Catch, Smoke, And Cook The Fish", by Adam Marianski.
I have read the book and my jaw dropped open when I saw how Adam completely catches the reader off guard by his method of catching the fish. He throws a net... with precision! He explains all about it and why it is considered an art. And not only does the author go into much detail in catching the fish, he also covers safety concerns and salting, smoking, cooking, freezing, thawing, and something he calls, "cleanliness and common sense". There is an entire chapter devoted to the cleaning and preservation of the mullet, with subsequent chapters dealing with brining, smoking, and cooking the fish. Last but not least, he has included recipes for cooking mullet and some interesting sauces as well. A good read! Congratulations Adam, for a very informative and presentable publication.

Best Wishes,

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 13:48
by ssorllih
When I lived for one summer in Gulfport I would watch the men casting nets for mullet but I never was able to learn what they did with the fish.

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 02:27
by crustyo44
Smoked mullet is one of the best fish available. Oily, so good for you. I have smoked them for years when the seamullet schools ran here along the coast.
My preferred method is to cut them beside the backbone like a kipper.