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Thank you Stanley and Adam Marianski

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 02:06
by ssorllih
For several years I tried to make acceptable sausage mixes with very limited success. I have been following the recipes in the Home Production of Quality Meats and Mausages and the results are very pleasing to my wife Nancy and also to me.
This week I was able to buy 4.5 pounds of pork chops for 69 cents per pound bone in. I removed the bones and saved them for later curing and smoking, I cut out the tenderloin sections for our supper and ground the remaining 2.5 pounds with some 50:50 trimming for breakfast sausage and for sweet Italian sausage.
In this market smoked bones with some meat sell for 2.49/ pound. Sausage is running 3.69 per pound and special cuts I never even consider because of the cost.
Once again thanks for a fine book.