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Useful links on the main page

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 15:27
by el Ducko
Dear Chuckwagon,

I don't know how much control they let you have over what appears on the site's index page, but it sure would be helpful to have very visible, easily-readable links to

(1) Marianskis' resource pages

(2) the index of recipes submitted by participants.

(3) the link to Stan's recipes

As things are now, we have to hunt for them every time we want to use them, or else (hopefully) bookmark them in our own web browser. That implies, though, that new users stumble onto a reference to one of them and check it out.

Thanks for your frequent, constant work as site moderator and protector of sausage-makers everywhere. We salute you! (...raises beer in one hand, sausage in the other. ...drools a bit. ...shrugs. ...grins.) :mrgreen:

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 00:22
by Chuckwagon
Thanks Duck! See PM.