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Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 19:21
by ssorllih
Color from smoke: Hickory Image
And from mulberry: Image
These were rack smoked underside on the right.

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 23:38
by Baconologist
Nice color.


Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 23:56
by ssorllih
notice that the mulberry is more brown than is the hickory.

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 01:32
by ssorllih
Today we had bacon and eggs for breakfast. I sliced and identified the mulberry and the hickory smoked bacon and we compared them with careful tasting. The conclusion is the hickory is better but mulberry is very acceptable. The cure and the period of smoking were reasonably the same.
Sometime in the future I will do the same with maple and oak.
I have my eye on some cherry wood and have some apple.

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 19:11
by Baconologist
I've used all but mulberry.

Posted: Sat May 19, 2012 17:41
by ssorllih
I picked up some freshly cut wood a couple of months ago and sawed it into four inch thick cross cut pieces. One piece I weighed right after cutting at 6.76 pounds on March 22. Weighed again today at 4.72 pounds. Short pieces can be ready to use in just a couple of months.

Posted: Sat May 19, 2012 20:37
by crustyo44
Contrary to popular believe I use Australian sawdust and wood chips straight from the mill. At least they are not treated or sprayed.
I have done so for the last 40 years. I have beech chips also from Germany and will use them on my next batch of csabai for comparison.
The darker hardwoods such as redgum are preferred here by some people but I can't tell the difference. It's the same with cheap or expensive plonk, it all tastes the same to me.

Posted: Mon May 21, 2012 13:10
by Butterbean
Crusty, I do the same. I trade sausages for buckets of dust. I just ask my friend to set a bucket under the conveyer when they are running the wood I'd like dust from. Never had any problem but all my children were born naked for some reason. :wink:

Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 02:53
by uwanna61
Never had any problem but all my children were born naked for some reason
Naked really, like with no cloths?? Hmm strange!

Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 03:00
by ssorllih
Our babies were furry and didn't have their eyes open for a week.