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Meat Choice

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 02:19
by Krakowska
Need an opinion guys. Going to make another batch of "Snack sticks"

Thinking of using Ryteks, "Slim Jim" recipe and he calls for beef. I have both beef and pork and I would imagine one can use either. I will not be using the Fermento but will use the bactoferm LHP Dry and will pack in 22mm calogen casing. Need some input on who likes what and why.
Thanks everyone, just trying to pick Your experts brains. VERY much would appreciate your expertise.
Fred :cool:

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:18
by Chuckwagon
Hey, hey, Fred. Here's my 2 cents...
If you're going to the bother of using a culture, you may as well use good ol' tasty pork! But there is something to be aware of: If you make a 22 millimeter "stick" or smaller, you don`t need a fast culture to dry it out. The sausage is so thin in diameter, it only takes a few days to lose enough moisture to be safe - especially after having been prep-cooked. (Prep-cooking also stops the growth of bacteria.) Sausages that are thicker in diameter take longer to dry and pathogenic bacteria may develop because of the moisture held by the product. The culture effectively introduces lactic acid producing bacteria to compete with and take over any pathogenic bacteria.
Real kabanosy is stuffed into sheep casings (expensive these days) and sometimes they are larger in diameter, depending upon what a sausagemaker has available. If the kabanosy is much thicker than 22 millimeters, the smoking and cooking times will differ (increase) because the links become "sausage". You may wish to check out the information on page 235 of Stan`s book, "Home Production Of Quality Meats And Sausages". Good luck pal. Hope you come up with a real winner!
:wink: Yumm. Pork fat is where the flavor is and that spells.... kabanosy! Just can't beat it.
Oh... P.S.
For your reference, our Project B2 Kabanosy recipe is at this link: ... c&start=60
Here`s the recipe for TEN POUNDS!

2.0 kg. (4.4 lbs.) lean pork butt or ham
3.0 kg. (6.6 lbs.) pork trimmings
90 g. salt
12 g. Instacure #1 (U.S.stregth)
10 g. sugar
10 g. (or more) black pepper (fresh, coarsely ground)
3 g. nutmeg
3 g. caraway

Grind the pork and fat through a 3/16" plate. Mix all the ingredients together and develop the proteins - until the mass feels sticky. Extrude rounds or flats through a jerky cannon making sure the sausages feel dry before smoke is applied. Preheat your smoker to 130°F. and use hot smoke for one hour. Gradually raise the smokehouse temp to 170° F. Do not overcook the sausages. Monitor the sausages carefully. When the meat`s internal temperature reaches 150°, allow them to cool. Dry the sausage a few days in 75-80% humidity while it blooms. The yield will only be about 60% but worth every minute making it.

Best Wishes,

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 01:55
by Krakowska
Thanks CW, Looks like I will try your suggestion. Thanks a million for the effort and help. Fred :cool:

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 04:45
by Carpster
I like a little mustard seed in mine for both flavor and appearance!
Good luck, Steve :cool: