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Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 14:19
by Krakowska
Peperoni, While I have the equipment out I am thinking of making peperoni. Was looking at the Chuckwagon's "Two Types Of "Quick" Pepperoni" ( I have both (5 lb tub of Fermento which I have for about 8 years) and newly bought Bactoferm LHP Dry. I do not have a curing chamber but would use a hotplate in my Brinkman. Question: What is the difference (Quality, taste?) between the Fermento cured product and the LHP product? (Got son#2 and new wife getting out of winter and want to load em up when they return up north and split between son#1 and son#3) Thanks everyone, much appreciated, Fred :cool:

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 16:34
by Bob K
Fred I have made it both ways.

It was no contest around here with the fermented winning in the taste department.

CW's Powder Keg recipe and the Marianski recipe are VERY similar and the F-LC or LHP ultures will work in either one. ... i-semi-dry

Just use the optional steps in the Marianski recipe or omit the "or" in Cw's and cook it for a finished product.

Do not use smoke.

There was some recent discussion on the cooking step here:

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 17:24
by Krakowska
Thanks Bob K, Looks like the we will do the fermented. Thanks Bob, should be interesting, much appreciated. :cool:

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 18:19
by IdaKraut
Hi Fred,

I totally agree with Bob K. "Fermento" has never produced a tangy product for me. Some say it's nothing more than dried buttermilk. Whatever it is, I've never been pleased with the results and surely would never trust that it will provide a semi dry-cured product that tastes right. I would rather use ECA (encapsulated citric acid) but it too doesn't produce the correct flavor profile. Stick with starter cultures and you will be happy.

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 20:16
by Krakowska
Thanks IdaKraut, forum is so helpful, really look forward to advanced sausage making. Been studying all posts, and will eventually get around to building a curing chamber, that's down the road, not even close to being there yet. Much appreciated, Fred :cool: