Making a capacolla and casing

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Making a capacolla and casing

Post by kullboys » Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:01

Hello everyone
I would like to try and make the Capicola - fully cooked recipe on pg. 331 of the 4th edition of the R. Kutas "Sausage bible"

The reciepe talks about stuffing 4 lbs. pork butts int synthetic casing.

My question is - what diameter of synthetic casing would you need for a 4lbs. pork butt or is the idea that you can put chunks of pork into a casing and they will then fuse together when smoked?

Or, if anyone has any better ideas for a capicola casing (for a cooked or long-term cured product), let me know,
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Bob K
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Post by Bob K » Tue Sep 11, 2018 14:29

In that recipe he also suggests a beef bung, which is a much better option as they stretch or shrink to different sized pieces. MUCH easier to use
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Post by reddal » Sun Sep 30, 2018 15:39


I've used both when making coppa. I think the synthetic casing was 120mm.

There is no stretch to the synthetic casing so you end up using one a bit bigger than you would like just to get it in there. Then you have to fold a bit of excess to make it tight.

With a beef bung you can stretch and squeeze it tight and it seems better.

With both - I wrapped the whole thing in some netting to try to tighten it up further. I also pricked the casing a lot to make sure there were no air gaps.

- reddal
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