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Post by oneills » Tue May 06, 2014 12:01

Hi Ricco. Very happy with it. Personally i wouldnt go any smaller. I have a big # 42 butchers mincer that i only use occaissionally. The plates & knives are rather expensive, whereas i can buy plenty of the # 22 size ones for less. If i only had 1 mincer i would get a # 32. The cover can be taken off if you want. They would be more than capable of doing 150 kg at once. Takes me about 5 minutes to do 10kg. Butcher at Home and Butcherquip (sister companies) have them on special at the moment.
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Post by ricco » Wed May 07, 2014 14:09

thanks for the replies

Its probably more likely that ill be doing 100kg batches in the future.

So considering this, do you think the #22 would be ok. its on sale for $600, while the #32 is almost double that.

The 5kg stuffer is also on sale, do you thing its a necessity, or would the filling attachment for the machine suffice.

Ive been using a modified hand mincer with a motor attached to mince and stuff. A hand me down from my Uncle. But its time to get with the times and lash out on some new equipment!
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Post by Gulyás » Wed May 07, 2014 15:05

I have a size 22 grinder, it's 1.5 hp., made in China, so I had to rework the hole thing, but I used to be a precision machinist..... :wink:
I make 30 kg. at a time, and that's about the maximum, I favor smaller bathes for quality,s sake.
What I want to say is, that I can't feed it fast enough, it can grind a herd is a short time.
On the other hand making 100 kg. is a much different story.




Stuffing with the grinder attachment, is a real pain in the rear, compared with a regular stuffer.
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Post by Chuckwagon » Wed May 07, 2014 20:13

Hey Joe, you wrote:
but I used to be a precision machinist.....
Aren't you STILL a precision machinist? Just retired. Heck ol' pal, I used to be a precision cow kicker! Now, I'm a retired cow kicker, but I'm still a cow kicker! :wink:

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