pH Meters

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pH Meters

Post by jens49 » Tue Nov 25, 2014 09:51

"The glass probe on my pH meter is toast! Sadly, it did not even last two years. Will have to order a replacement from Germany even though the darned thing is made in Taiwan."
and the following reply:
"And that sucks about those Ph probes. That has happened to me in the past and I went to Ph papers.....but the meters are so much easier especially if you are not good at discerning colors.
So I just got another meter. Replacing the probes every two years ain't that bad!"

Really make it a hard decision what to buy when looking for ways of measuring the pH in meat.
Ph papers suck, especially as we ourselves age.
Slurry sucks.
The prices of ph meters usually come out several hundred £, the probes are terribly fragile and new probes often cost nearly as much as a new meter.

Thoughts on purchase? To buy or not to buy. I make approx. 4 - 6 small batches a year.
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Post by Devo » Tue Nov 25, 2014 15:13

I'm sure you know the saying of "you get what you pay for". I'm not saying a Hanna is in every ones price range but mine has never let me down for well over 2 1/2 years. I really wonder why your glass probes break as you dont need much pressure to test. Any ways if I was in the market I would buy a Hanna as I think they are the best.
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Bob K
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Post by Bob K » Tue Nov 25, 2014 19:09


It just comes down to is it worth it, for how much I am going to use it etc.

I use mine for sausage, cheese-making, Hot Tub, so I can justify it least to myself.


You should have never said how long the probe has lasted :shock:

How often do you calibrate the Hannah that you have?
And that probe douse not have to be stored in solution?
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Post by redzed » Wed Nov 26, 2014 06:21

I think I actually wrecked my probe by not cleaning it properly after each use. And I actually wiped it a few times, (albeit gently) something you should never do. And If you want accuracy you need to calbrate it before each session. Mine always went a bit off after sitting for a few weeks between my salami making. Haven't ordered a new probe yet, but will do so soon and defiately take better care of it. Expensive, yes, but still cheaper than golf!

BTW jens, it's great to hear from you. How about telling us a bit about your sausage making efforts. Do you make traditional Danish products or are your tastes more eclectic?
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