poaching vs finishing in the smokehouse

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Post by Carpster » Fri Jan 03, 2014 19:06

Awesome pics. A lot of valuable information in a short read!!! I hope the newbees like me get to see this! :cool:
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sawhorseray wrote:The one time I tried that last year was with one on my pineapple sausage failures, but that's another story. I think you might get a softer, less crunchy bite using the smoker / water bath method, Norcal Kid is a expert in that method. One thing I think that has to be paid attention to is not putting them in a 165° water bath until they've sat in the 165° smoker for 20-30 minutes. As we know we start out smoking sausage right around 130° and raise the smoker temperature 2-3 degrees every 15-20 minutes until it reaches 165°. Dump the sausage into the water bath before it's acclimated to a 165° temp and all the fat will separate and turn to goo, same as it would if you jacked the smoker temp up ten degrees at a time. Others than me will know more. RAY
This sounds like what I did last week. Sausage was 100-120 IT and I placed them in a bath of 170 degree water....what would you predict the sausages would look like under those conditions?

(I've asked the question "what did I do wrong" in the beginners forum)
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When you are going to finish your sausage by poaching, the IT achieved during the smoking phase is really secondary. First dry your sausage in the smoker, dampers open (no smoke) at 100-110. Then smoke the sausage at 130-135 until it has taken on a nice and even colour. Depending on your smoker and the amount of smoke you are generating, this will take 2-3 hours. The sausage will take on hot smoke better than cold smoke. Preheat the water in the poaching pot to 180. Transfer the sausage from the smoker into the water. The water temp will drop immediately to about 170. Keep it at that temp until the IT reaches 152-155. That process should take 20-25 minutes. Try not to over 170, and if it takes a bit longer to reach the ideal IT, that is OK.
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