[USA] Hungarian Sausages by Gulyas

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[USA] Hungarian Sausages by Gulyas

Post by Chuckwagon » Mon Aug 20, 2012 07:56

Gulyas wrote:
C.W. please move it to the place it belongs - thank you.
You are most welcome Joe... great recipe! -CW-

Fresh, Hungarian sausage. (by Gulyas in Wisconsin)

1 kg. pork shoulder butt.( I like 20 to 30 % fat)
18 to 20 grams Morton coarse kosher salt.
15 grams Hungarian paprika....(Penzeys spices sell second best, first is home made), or any paprika You have.
10 grams fresh garlic....(too much for some people).... or use garlic powder.
2 to 3 grams black/white peppers (ground.)
2 grams ground caraway seeds.(some people grind half of it, some add it hole).

Cut meat to 1", to 1.5". I remove all soft tissue. Mix all ingredients, You can use some cold/icy water/whine. Add to meat, mix well. Grind with 8 mm. (5/16), or 10 mm.(3/8) plate. After grinding, mix again, until sticky. Stuff, link, and bake in oven, or fry in pan, or grill it, to your liking, until done. Some people might even like it cooked in water.

* this can have soft fat in it.
* To make it hot, use 2/3 sweet paprika, 1/3 hot paprika.(change to preferred hotness.)
* If not using Hungarian paprika, use more to color, to Your liking.

Ps.....use anything You like in it, pl.....add some beef, nutmeg, ginger, clove, coriander seeds......but change only one ingredient at a time, to know how it changes. Some people use even mustard seeds in salami.


Cold smoked/dry sausage.

1 kg. pork shoulder butt, 30 to 35 % fat.(Use only hard fat,or bacon, hard trimmings.)
25 to 27 grams Morton coarse kosher salt.
20 grams paprika.
10 grams garlic.(or garlic powder.)
3 grams black, or white peppers, (ground)
2 grams ground caraway seeds.
2.5 grams cure # 2.

Cut meat as above, mix, grind, stuff, hang it in cool place for a day or two, to cure and dry.
Cold smoke for 3-4 days, to red/brown color.....or to Your liking, do NOT over smoke, or it gets sour.
Hang in cool/dry airy place, let it dry for 2-3 weeks, salami takes 4 months or so, lose minimum 30 to 40 % of green weight.

Hmmmm...maybe next Hungarian winter (Pick) salami.....

One have to know, there is no such thing as diet sausage, or bacon......

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