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by el Ducko
Mon Jan 02, 2012 17:12
Forum: Hardware
Topic: antique grinder
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antique grinder

Okay, okay. Finally, I'm going to retire my meat grinder, a Universal #1 which my grandmother-in-law must have used, back in the 1920's, to grind rocks for the dust bowl. Meat is forced through holes in the end, and an externally-mounted cutter blade attempts to chop off the results. The cutter surf...
by el Ducko
Mon Jan 02, 2012 16:44
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Keeping equipment clean.
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I also find a chopstick handy for poking the leftovers out of grinder plate holes. The squared-off end works better than a sharp end, such as a toothpick. For smallest holes, I use the squared-off end of a disposable bamboo skewer. (They've fallen into disuse, now that I'm making sausage!) :grin:
by el Ducko
Mon Jan 02, 2012 16:39
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Sausage stuffing funnel
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...looks like a great way to stuff the stuff that's left over (the heel) from my horn-style stuffer. There's usually a sausage or two worth of material that gets pan-fried instead of going into casings. This ought to make it easy to utilize. Thanks for the idea. I'll run right down to the home impro...
by el Ducko
Sun Dec 25, 2011 05:41
Forum: BBQ
Topic: [USA] Barbequed Beef Brisket
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Great brisket summary, Chuck. I'm surprised that you haven't had any posts saying they agree or disagree. Central Texas style, we don't marinate or mop. Rubs are simple. Low and slow smoking is the method. No sauce- - "it's about the meat." My company transferred me to North Carolina, years ago. ......
by el Ducko
Sun Dec 25, 2011 05:18
Forum: Hyde Park
Topic: Care To Share How You Got Your Handle?
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Forty some odd years ago, after excessive`beer and Mexican food, we were paddling around in the apartment complex swimming pool, trying to avoid excessive mosquitoes. We had tried another "hole in the wall" restaurant, and the beans weren't very good. I was paddling around, leaving a trail of bubble...