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Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 22:30
by IFB
Does any one of you guys also brew your own beer to go with your awesome sausages? I recently got this urge to make my own beer. So far I brewed two, Centennial Blonde, an American ale, and a clone of Leffe Brune, my favorite Belgian Dubbel ale. Both are out of this world good. After trying them, just like with home cured sausage, I can never go back to store bought beer. I also went all grain with both of the beers. Using extracts felt like making sausage from store bought ground meet and pre-packaged spice mix. I found that brewing beer was a lot easier, no case hardening or anything like that to deal with.

Note the micro foam on the Belgian. Yep, serving it from a nitro tap. Love the silky smooth and creamy head.

Sorry about going off topic.

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 16:11
by redzed
Wow, that beer looks fantastic! I have a couple of friends who brew their own and get to sample their products. Good stuff! I used to brew my own for a while about 25 years ago but never had time then to get into it properly and stopped making beer. Now I got into making wine from grapes and that is another major learning curve for me. Definitely a serious science and a major learning curve. There are so many variables and issues involved with making each batch. But the product is so much more superior than the plonk you get from the home made wine from the kits. Fortunately I belong to a club with many experienced and knowledgeable wine makers who are always ready to offer advice and help. That is a lot different than my other hobby. No one that I know around here makes salumi.

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 17:32
by IFB

I made 3 gallons of black currant wine a few years ago. I paid very little attention to it, just threw some mashed currants, sugar and wine yeast together. Let it ferment for a a couple of months or so, filtered through cheese cloth and racked. We tried it a year later and it turned out absolutely delightful. Mellow and easy drinking, which turned out to be very dangerous as the alcohol content in that thing was at least 18%. Got everyone pretty drunk, but no one complained:-)

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 20:39
by crustyo44
I like the look of that Belgian Leffe Brune clone. Can you share the ingredients list and the procedure. Many years ago I was a beer brewer. My address: