Care To Share How You Got Your Handle?

Talk about anything here as long as it is not against the rules.
Gringo Loco
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Post by Gringo Loco » Thu Dec 15, 2011 05:17

I think we will get along just fine! Just don't put me in a round room and tell me to pee in the corner!! :?:
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Post by Keymaster » Fri Dec 23, 2011 22:39

I work for a large School District as a Building mechanic/Locksmith. I started out 8 years ago working on Boilers, Hvac/refrigeration, Pool Mechanic, Indoor air quality specialist and all other duties as assigned (I hate that last paragraph of my contract). About 3 years ago Another department laid off the Locksmith and the maintenance department took over all aspects of the locksmithing portion. Well, The boss knew I had certifications in Locksmithing and now I have my own office and am in charge of all keys and locks. I still work about 20% on the old boilers and HVAC but all my work associates started calling me "The Keymaster" . I have found that it serves well as a Forum name also. Thanks for reading!!
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el Ducko
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Post by el Ducko » Sun Dec 25, 2011 05:18

Forty some odd years ago, after excessive`beer and Mexican food, we were paddling around in the apartment complex swimming pool, trying to avoid excessive mosquitoes. We had tried another "hole in the wall" restaurant, and the beans weren't very good. I was paddling around, leaving a trail of bubbles, laughing, which in our drunken state led people to nickname me "Stinky the Duck." Various versions have stuck. I use "el Ducko" on forums (fora?) because most people don't understand Spanish (or Latin). The true nickname has evolved to "el Patito," the little duck. (Mexicans use the diminutive form a lot.)

I'm on here in a quest for more perfect chorizo. The Mexican style is (1) way too greasy and (2) has far too much organ and glandular meat. (So, is that why it's so dang tasty?) Just like cooking beans (low and slow, plus using epazote), there are secrets to Spanish-style chorizo (proper ingredients, fermenting...). I'm tired of air freighting the stuff from friends in Venezuela. I just bought the "Fermenting..." book. Maybe that'll help. ...that, plus you good people elsewhere on this forum.
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Post by Stickan » Mon Dec 26, 2011 00:44

My birth name is Stig, and my brother started calling me Stickan because he felt Stig sounded like an old man. Well that was about 50 years ago so maybe I should go back to Stig again :mrgreen:
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Post by tooth » Thu Dec 29, 2011 02:24

Quite simple actually. I'm a younger guy, so if you're a little older you may not have ever heard of a kid's cartoon called "Timmy the Tooth."

Well I've never even watched the show, but one day in High School, a friend started calling me "Timmy the Tooth." (my name's Tim). Somehow it stuck and eventually everyone shortened it to Tooth. Pretty much the only nickname I've ever had other than "Pudge." ( I was a catcher when I played baseball until I was 14, my favorite team is the White Sox and my favorite player was Carlton Fisk, also nicknamed "Pudge" My friend's dad nicknamed me that and it suck for awhile!)
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Post by Dutch » Fri Dec 30, 2011 20:12

ssorllih wrote:The last words of most rednecks is " hey yall ! watch ths"!
I thought that was "Hey Y'all, somebody hold my beer and watch this".

Anyhoo-about my handle- Up until about 7 years ago, Ma Dutch-she's my bride of 34 years and meownself used to compete a bit in Dutch Oven Cook-offs and the fact that I have in the neighborhood of a dozen black pots (dutch ovens) and folks would starte their conversations with me with "Hey, Dutch". . and it kind of stuck. On most forums I'm on it Dutch or a variation of it.

In the past I`ve been a butcher-started out working for my dad; a lawdawg (City Police Officer; County Constable and U.S. Army Military Policeman) and currently work as a Security Supervisor for a company that is listed on the Fortune 500.

From dutch oven cooking I moved into smoking meats as a hobby - when I worked as a butcher, we also ran two large smoke houses and got tasked with curing and smoking hams and bacons. I`ve always loved sausages from working with pork though we never did links `cuz our customers didn`t ask for it. I`ve done the sausage thing with the Kitchen Aid grinder attachments and the stuffing horns but for 5 pound of sausage it`s an all weekend project.

This year Santa brought me a 5 pound vertical stuffer so I`m looking into making a lot more sausage.
I thought I had a handle on life until one day the handle fell off.
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Post by nepas » Sat Dec 31, 2011 20:41

Born and raised until (1990) in the S, Calif desert and went by desert rat. Moved to North East PA with my wife and went by nepas for 19 years. Recently moved to Savannah, GA and will more than likely keep nepas which is short for NorthEastPASmoker.

So thats my story and i'm stickin to it :cool:
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Post by Swallow » Fri Jan 06, 2012 23:33

As I said in my intro my name really is Swallow, the bird not the big gulp. It was given to me by my Grandmother who said I reminded her of a little bird that chirped too much and it just stuck. It's worked out ok I guess cept for my stint in the army where I was known as "Private Swallow" It wasn't pretty.

Retirement is easy , but Yuh really have to work at it sometimes.
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Post by 1kshooter » Fri Feb 03, 2012 04:21

well long story short....I have done a lot of 1 km shooting!
and a training officer gave me the name after a cold bore 1k gong hit!
just kind of stuck lol :mrgreen:
I came into this world kicking and screaming and covered in someone elses blood...I plan on going out the same way!
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Post by ssorllih » Fri Feb 03, 2012 04:56

Now play nice! :shock: :lol:
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Post by ExhaustedSpark » Fri Feb 03, 2012 20:26

The confuser gave my hndl to me and since it fit i go by it. I am a ham radio op. and sausage maker.
Have a brain injury and this kind of stuff helps to exersize the muscle between the ears. I hope it helps anyway. Thank GOD for spell check :oops: Where is spell check???????????
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Post by Chuckwagon » Sat Feb 04, 2012 03:03

1kshooter wrote:
I have done a lot of 1 km shooting! and a training officer gave me the name after a cold bore 1k gong hit!
But, but, shooter... can you do that from the back of a broke-n`-half, catawampous, broomtail snuffy at a full gallop with the reins in your teeth? :mrgreen:
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably needs more time on the grill! :D
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Post by fridgedoc » Sat Feb 11, 2012 18:20

Hi All

Fridgedoc's my name and fridgeing's my game well it was till I fell ill so now I'm retired through ill health, moved to France 4 years ago from the UK from the great metropolis (that's London) to a small village about 30 min's south of Poitiers, that's about half way down and a bit to the left of middle if you look on the map, thankfully I'm a lot better.

If all else fails.............Try reading the instructios!!!
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Post by ssorllih » Sat Feb 11, 2012 18:44

Stephen, Welcome to our little world. Don't let the rockin' chair get you.
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Post by crustyo44 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 22:03

Hi 1kshooter,
Welcome to this great forum. I have a holy respect for you kind of guys.
One of them saved my throat from being cut many many years ago.
The older I get the more I think about it.
Best Regards,
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