New smoker questions

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New smoker questions

Post by 65valiantwin » Wed Jan 02, 2019 18:26

Hi guys,

I'm looking at converting a bread proofer to a smoker with the following dimensions :

Width: 25 1/8 Inches
Depth: 30 1/4 Inches
Height: 69 3/4 Inches

It is temperature controllable up to 190deg F. and you can control the humidity as well. It's all aluminum except for the door. I only plan on needing to smoke to approx. 160F for pepperoni, etc.

My questions are:
1) this is a non insulated unit, how much insulation (if any) should I add to the outside of the unit?
2) Instead of cutting it up more than necessary, would one of those amzn pellet tubes provide sufficient smoke inside the cabinet?
3) How much ventilation will I need to provide? There is none currently

Thanks for your input
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Post by jjnurk » Wed Jan 02, 2019 21:10

Thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.
The first smoker I had was 2ftx2ftx6ft high - non insulated. Very difficult to keep the temp constant throughout, especially in the balmy -30C temps that we experience here. A few times, the bottoms of the sausages were already done but the tops weren't. In warmer days, down to -10C it was no problem to have good steady heat. I also added regular metal floor registers on 2 sides to control the heat and the smoke.
The new one I built is a little bigger, 2ftx4ftx6ft. I insulated with 1.5" mineral wool and what a difference. I can smoke at -30C without overcooking the bottoms and have a constant temperature. I also added a 4" pipe stack, with a damper, to control the heat/smoke.
A frugal way that I have been using for added smoking, was to get a light mesh, circular, colander from the local dollar store, push the inside up, to form a doughnut shape. Fill the trough with sawdust or pellets, light the end and you're off to the races!
Hope this helps.
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